I Love Thrifting Day 2012 ~ The Recap!

Totally thrilled that I heard about Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s I Love Thrifting Day and swiftly decided to host the Palm Beach crew!  Granted, I had no idea what I was doing and I’m not so much a thrifter as I am thrifty.  No matter, I know my way around a thrift store, so I jumped in with both feet.  Now I can’t wait until next year when I’ll have a much better idea of what to do and what to expect and how to promote it.

Here’s a little glimpse into the Palm Beach crew’s day of hearting thrifting!

I started my morning by tweeting and facebooking a self portrait in my official leader shirt.  Dorky?  Glad you asked, about as uncomfortable as Glenn Beck at a GLAAD convention.

Get over yourself, you’re about to make new friends.  Thrifting friends, as it were.

We all met up at Howley’s, a fabulous little diner on Dixie Highway, for some breakfast and meeting and greeting and whatnot.

You should believe me when I tell you that Paulette showed up.  Paulette who literally wrote the book on thrifting in Palm Beach County.  Are you for real?  Yes I am. And she gave a little speech, which was hilarious and insightful.  And she was wearing a scottie dog shirt for goodness sakes.  I think she paid $4 for it.  Her book?  Bought it.

Then it was off to the shops…our first stop was the Animal Rescue League Thrift Store.

 GROUP PIC before we sweat off our makeup ladies.

Cannot say thank you enough to my sweet friend Ashley, the editor of Just Ask Boo Palm Beach (find a JAB in your area….it rocks!), who brought the majority of girls to the event.  She is awesome!  Blog hiatus doesn’t correspond well with gathering the masses…

I forewent the opportunity to get my thrift on and decided to make everyone really uncomfortable with candid picture taking instead.  Yay!

Robin and Keri were checking out the art, one of my main go-to’s when thrifting.  Sorry you blinked Keri, the pic stands. XOXO

Aww, would you just look at what Cissy and Jenifer found upon entering the store?  I do thank God for girlfriends.  New and thrifty ones.

Liz and Jenn do not shy away from the candid shot as they check out some dishes…nay, Liz feigns hot tea fanning.  That’s the spirit!

Liz engages Keri in admiration of a music box that did not, in fact, play music.

Grace scored some clear glassware, yes!  Clear and white glass are my #1 thrifting buys.  As somewhat of a fabric junkie, I need neutral dishes.

Everyone settled up and headed off to our next destination, the Salvation Army (my favorite furniture thrift, it’s HUGE.)

Well that’s a really tiny picture and poor little me over here all WordPress-differently-abled.  Such is life.

Sidebar: Is Robin one of the most photogenic people you have ever?  I mean really, enough already.  Here she is again with adorable Ashley…they were checking out these darling little club chairs.  Don’t think anyone took the bait.

Since none of us had had enough, we decided to head over to the Palm Beach Goodwill. The Embassy Boutique.  Code for fancy people castoffs.

Lots of hobnail to be had…at a 4,400% markup from, say, a WEST Palm Beach thrift.

All in all it was a super fun morning!  Met lots of fun girls and loved hearing everyone’s thrifting tips and scores.  I really didn’t browse a whole lot, but I had my eye on a few things.  As Keri pointed out, how great would that crib look painted a high gloss navy for a boy?  A FRIEND’S boy…settle.

Thanks everyone who came out!  Can’t WAIT for next year….I’m thinking charter bus, cocktails, Paulette in a kitty tee.  I’m totally in.

Let’s Go Ladies!

It’s happening!!  We’ll have OODLES of fun! Is oodles the most old-fashioned word I have used on this blog to date?  Probs.


And a SUPER SECRET 3rd location TBA if  you’re still hanging in there…

See you Saturday!!

So Hot.

Is it sticky and awful where you are?  Good.  Misery loves company.

We are living in the pool, only slightly less fabulously than a Slim Aarons setup.


Is it terrible that I have zero motivation to bring the prettiness here until this ACTUAL PAGE is pretty?  It’s an eyesore, boo.  Still working on the logo for a new venture and, as I said before, then I’ll get this little area of my internet life jazzed up a bit.  Why can’t I be more self sufficient?  I bet every 17 year old on the planet knows how to do this.  Hmmph.

I’ve caught up a bit with just a few of my blog idols, but for the most part am design-mum.

Y’all local girls, don’t forget about this!  Lest I be walking around talking to myself.

I heart thrifting tshirt

NEXT Saturday, July 7th…I’ll be hosting the Palm Beach crew for International I Love Thrifting Day.  Send me an email at baylorsays at gmail dot com, and I’ll send you an itinerary and all my love.

 Thrift on, thrifters.

No Worries…

I’m alive!  And I’m coming back, promise.  I’ve just extended my break a wee bit.  I’m enjoying it so much and planning for so much more upon my return.  Just a little changerooski coming.

Here’s how breaky my break is…I haven’t even READ a design blog in almost 2 weeks.  Mind blown.

AND.  I’ve got a big stack of magazines just waiting to be thumbed through, but this is sitting on top.

sandra lee elle decor


I’m scared!  What if her house is full of crazy little tablescapes and canned food?

No thanks.

I love and miss you all!!!  All two of you still clicking back over here since I pulled my disappearing act. XOXO


I Heart Thrifting Day…Palm Beach HOLLA!

I do, I so do.

I heart thrifting tshirt

For those unawares, Mr. Goodwill Hunting has started an annual event that is sweeping the nation…I Love Thrifting Day #Ilovethrifting.  This year the national shopping holiday is taking place on Saturday, July 7th in cities all over the place.

And I’m hosting the Palm Beach crew!!  So mark your calendars and bring it. The largest group will win a partay thrown by Mr. Hunting himself.  How dapper is he?

rashon carraway Mr. Goodwill Hunting

I’ll let you know the details when I figure out what the heck I’m doing we are approaching the big day, but plan for a meetup around 9:00am and then I’ll drag you around town to all my favorite haunts.  PLEASE shoot me an email at baylorsays at gmail dot com so I can know how many of you lovelies will be joining in the fun.

It shall rock.

Want a t-shirt too?  Click here, and look to your left.   Sorry for the late notice kids, I think today’s the last day to order.

So here’s the deets on the blog right now…the layout and design are giving me a headache and I’m wordpress brain stupid and can’t do a tiny thing about it.  It’s break time!  I’ll be vacationing with my huge family (9 kids yay!  I didn’t contribute proportionately.) all next week and then going straight into a MUCH NEEDED girls weekend woohooooo!!!  I need to blog-recharge so that I can bring you better content and more funzies.  Thanks for sticking around through this awkward tweeny braces kinda transition period with me.  UGGH!  Promise exciting and new things to come if you’ll still love me.

OH and through the magic of Facebook greed (and probably lazy posting), I’ve lost like half my readers. Do you still want to know what’s going on here?  Please pretty please subscribe by email at the top left of the page.

I love you longtime.

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