Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

I can’t call this an ‘after’ quite yet.  Mainly because I used my iphone camera, I didn’t make my bed very Martha Stewarty, and I haven’t fluffed up my bedside tables to appear as though I lounge around reading Sartre and sipping Pellegrino Lemoncello (which I totally do).  But I did get new lampshades!  So brace yourselves for the excitement that follows.


chartreuse curtains, white tufted sleigh bed, wassily chair, master bedroom redo

Needs art.  And an end of bed bench.  And someone to shake me out of my lazy stupor so I’ll do something with those urchins that have been on my side table since God was a boy.  (I think I might hang them on the wall to the left of the curtains.  Yesnomaybe?)

Overall, I love it.  Love it can’t live without it, want to marry it and make little bonus room babies.  The pale lilac of the walls really puts off an ethereal glow at night that is yummy.  I love that it’s girly without being too much so.  Shouldn’t bedrooms be girly?

I’m nutso over the bolster fabric.

Do you see what I see?  Boo.

Yeah, those are custom gold foil lined buckskin lampshades.  They are simultaneously bringing a wonderful masculine touch to the room, and CLASHING HIDEOUSLY with my chrome lamps.  Mother.  Why?  Why is every mistake I make so epically stupid.

So I haven’t decided what’s going to happen there…maybe the lamps will move.  I could always switch the shades out with the ivory linen ones I originally bought for this room (why are my pictures gone? too abruptly stressed to deal with that now).

They live down here in the living room. I think the cream might be too boring for the boudoir.

That is not a really old pic, but I’m flabbergasted that I change things so often…the room is so different now.  Geez, now I have to update y’all on that too.  I’m so behind.

Comments, criticisms, what have yous?



17 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

  1. LOVE IT! Those striped curtains or whatnot are gorgeous and add some fun vibrancy to the more traditional nature of the room. Woohoo. And, ps: did you order those urchins? I see them on Furbish but was hoping to pick up locally. Might be a moot point if you’ve had since god was a boy, you said. :)

  2. I just showed my BFF on my iPhone, you got an “oooooohhhhh” (like in a yummy way!) I love it. Am in love with the curtains too. And honestly, I love that the lamp shades aren’t matchy, matchy. I didn’t even notice the gold and silver, but upon mention do appreciate the juxtaposition of metals.

  3. Your bedroom looks amazing. The picture is not really picking up the lilac walls, but despite that…. the white (i love white!), the glass lamps, the bed!!!, the chartreuse stripes, the pink shams, the lavendar bolster, the whire shag rug — heaven, you have created heaven on earth in the Classics! I also love the mid century modern chair. Hip hip ha roarin’ three cheers for Lauren!

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