How Much is TOO Much?

The WORST is when I actually have the remote control to myself for 5 nanoseconds and I’m all out of DVR’d goodness. Happened this weekend and through random guide scrolling I landed on Four Houses.  Have y’all seen this?  It’s a brand new show on TLC with a somewhat interesting premise.  Oh please, anytime I can nose my way into someone else’s home, I’m fascinated.

Anyway….briefly, Four Houses takes four homeowners (duh to the duh) and makes them tour and grade each other’s spaces based on certain criteria.  Originality, livability…blah blah blah.  They have to rank the others 1, 2 and 3 to keep it fair.

So the first house we saw was Jennifer’s. I’ve stalked TLC’s site and Google images like it’s my job and this is the only one of her house I can come up with.



At first glance I thought cool, totally my style.  There was brass, wallpaper EVERYWHERE, tons of fabric and shiny and look at me and mix and match.  But as I kept watching….holy bananas this woman had every trend I’ve ever seen on every blog I’ve ever read in the history of ever.  It was too. much.  Wasn’t it?

Trust me when I tell you there were more than these things, but I caught all of these in one room.


And I love everything here, really I do.  Well maybe not coral so much, never was my bag.  And I don’t really do poufs.  Girlfriend loves her some Kelly Wearstler fabric.  Don’t blame her, it’s all fab.

We all want these things, right? All of it.  And I’m totally all for trends….I think adding something trendy to a room can instantly update it.  And inexpensively too.

But all at once?  This is the issue I guess.  I’m not hating.  Listen, it annoys me to tears that everytime a new trend comes along there is a tidal wave of bloggers breaking their necks and tripping over each other to be the first one to poo poo all over it.

I’m not like that at all.  If you think it’s cool do it.  But only if you really like it.

And can you really call a vintage brass reading lamp a ‘trend’?  I don’t think that’s fair.

Since my very first impression of Jennifer’s home was a like, I’m trembling with anxiety that I too have trend overloaded in my home.  So tomorrow we’re going to take a little photojournalistic tour around my abode and play Count the Trends.  FUN!

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3 thoughts on “How Much is TOO Much?

  1. I completely agree!!! I just said this the other day…I think it’s great to have a trend here and there, but to have every imaginable trend (like you said) is overboard.

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