Oh Canopy Beds

Not just for little pink princess rooms anymore, am I right?  Love or hate canopy beds?  Even if you aren’t a fan, you can admit that these are done really well. 
 A very darling girl that I know just scored herself an awesome canopy bed (maybe she’ll get me some pictures! *ahem*).  While it’s pretty cool as is, I’m trying to persuade her to consider some draping down the road….
Domino Mag - Mary McDonald
Mary McDonald for Domino Magazine
Let’s face it, a canopy bed can still look amazing without any accoutrements at all.
via Haven and Home
Tara Shaw for House of Windsor in Veranda Mag
Miles Redd for Domino Mag
We like, yes?

Yesterday as we were grocery shopping…
Him: “I want some ice cream!!”
Me: “No.”
Him (with a dismissive shrug): “Too bad, so sad.”

3 thoughts on “Oh Canopy Beds

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