This is a Little Shopping and a Little New Friend

Did a little browsing in one of my favorite consignment stores yesterday…thought I’d share a little iphone picture dump with you today!  
Pink ikat chair only $85
This little black leather and chrome desk (?) is very sleek and chic and only $170

These captains chairs are really really nice…these sad little photos don’t do them justice.  Dark ebony wood with cream upholstery in perfect condition.  5 available at like $100 each I think.

This pinky red HUGE coffee table was lost in a sea of pink furniture, but I really like it!  Kinda distressed, would look awesome as a fun pop of color in a neutral room.  $300!

These chairs are cool…I think there were 5 or 6 of them.  $60 each

CRAZY about this cool, sleek couch.  I wish you could see it better, nice shape to it.  If I were in the market for a couch this would be super tempting at $330 (what??).  You could even afford to reupholster at that price, although it’s already pretty cool with the moody black stripe.

Super long with questionable accent pillows.

You can stop your dreaming right now friend, today is not your day.  Seriously, I need these in my life.  How great are these going to look paired and hung low over the perfectly rustic, zinc top table I don’t yet own?  I know. $129 each.  Huh???  Mine.

My husband collects unique golf prints and memorabilia, so I may have to grab this awesome original watercolor.


How great is this pink leather Frenchy Bergere?  Gorgeous!  Wish I had somewhere for it since they are giving it away at $170.

I cannot believe I’m such a slacker and haven’t yet shared one of my new favorite blogs.  I met Alyson, the brains behind The Average Girl’s Guide on a semi-blind date a few weeks ago.  She is a doll and her blog is too fun!  

She is one in-the-know chick and shares her secrets on how all us average girls can live our lives in the most fabulous way.  Awesome!  Check her out here.

When my Mom kissed us growing up, if we went to swipe our cheeks she would say “are you wiping it off or rubbing it in?”  Baylor made a move to wipe his face the other day so I made that same old joke.  It gained new life…he thinks it is HILARIOUS to make like he’s wiping off my kisses.  I know it’s completely insane, but I’ve started getting my feelings hurt!!  :-(

4 thoughts on “This is a Little Shopping and a Little New Friend

  1. what is it about IKAT? Is it trendy or have I always been waiting for it to hit the market? I love it. i love the black wicker side chairs and i think the coffee table has potential……

  2. What I would do in a consignment store like that!!!! All we have here is antique stores…and not the kind of antiques that I'm looking for. It is scary!

  3. oh my gosh, i'm having a moment over here!! THANK YOU!! I'm so, so flattered you mentioned me, and WOW, included my photo, too!
    PS: we need to get together again and/or start a blogger meet up and find some other cool chicks. :)
    And, I'm dying over that pink ikat chair for less than $100. great shape. Can you tweet me with where you got that??


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