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Here you go Beth!  For those of you that think wallpaper is old news, played out 2 decades ago and only for your grandmother’s house, I am here to tell you that you are wrong.  It is back with a vengeance and better than ever.  And let me tell you right up front that it is now a pretty penny.  Yes, you can go to Home Depot and choose from a very limited selection of mostly ugly papers but I would advise against.  Pick a small room in your house (a powder room or small office or guest room) and GO FOR IT!  Be bold!
All de Gournay paper in above images via Material Girls.
  Listen, I’m not usually in the business of completely lifting posts from another blogger, but when someone asks me about something I know little about I want to direct you to the best possible source.  Enter Bijou and Boheme, a wonderful design blog written by a wallpaper lover and connoisseur.  Christine has a regular feature she calls Wallpaper Wednesday, and here are just a few of her recent faves.  Geez, I feel so guilty…she has done some excellent work here.  Go check out her blog for more!
And don’t forget vintage! Christine has got you covered here as well.
Don’t we all read Elements of Style?  Who knew she has an Etsy shop filled with vintage wallpaper?  It’s not cheap, but it’s fabulous.
More vintage from  Secondhand Rose
and Rosie’s
Something for everyone, right?  Super stylish.
My Mom had to cut her trip short to head to work in North Carolina last night.  Baylor asked for ‘KK’ this morning and I explained that she had gone.  “When I be a Dad Dad I can go to Carolina with KK.  And when you be a Mom Mom you can come too.”

6 thoughts on “This is All About Wallpaper

  1. I love the wallpaper in the second and third pictures. I like the idea of wallpapering a powder room. have the wheels spinning in my head.

    Your little boy says the cutest things!

    P.S. I left you a little something on my blog last night :)

  2. I can't thank you enough for answering my request with lightning speed and opening so many new design blog "doors" for me….I can't wait to check them out!

  3. Ok this is funny… our house in PA had at least 2 of Rose's antique wallpaper prints in it – one in my bedroom. I love wallpaper and my next thing is to add it to a few rooms for sure!

  4. Now, I'm not against the whole idea of wallpaper, but not exactly in love with it either. I remember going up in my pink wallpapered room, I loved it, two walls were pink flowers & the other two were pink plaid. That was then & now I'm into the textured paint thing, but I think wallpapering one wall could be a very nice idea. My favorite wallpaper of all time, is in the bathroom of Sustained Style For The Home.

  5. Ah how sweet are you? Thank you so so much for the lovely mention and so happy to have found a fellow wallpaper lover!! xoxo

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